Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Meet The Falling Angels

Boyfriend From Hell is the first book in the top 10 Best Selling novel series The Falling Angels SagaBoyfriend From Hell is a paranormal novel in the vein of Twilight with a strong sense of humor that distinguishes it from Twilight and other, darker novels in the genre. 
The Falling Angels Saga was conceived as a book series with the express purpose of becoming a feature film franchise that capitalizes on the popular paranormal romance trend currently in vogue.  Boyfriend From Hell, the first book in the series, contains the teenage romantic angst of Twilight, along with the fun comedic elements of the Valentine's Day surprise hit Warm Bodies.  Because Boyfriend From Hell began its life as a book back in 2011, the film franchise comes with a loyal fanbase just waiting to blog, tweet and Facebook about every aspect of its development. 

This growing, built-in marketing machine, coupled with our ability to create a romantic film at low budget horror film prices, practically guarantees Boyfriend From Hell's success in domestic and foreign markets. 

Just as in the horror genre, where you don't need big stars to have success, you don't need big stars to create hits in this genre, either.  This teen actor driven genre creates stars. Keeping budgets around $1 mil, and casting talented attractive actors is the formula for creating a successful low budget film franchise with big budget potential that will be profitable for all involved.  

Remember the movie Saw?  The original film was made for a paltry $1.2 mil and generated over $18 mil its opening weekend, topping out at $96 mil worldwide.  Click here to see THE NUMBERS.  I can't guarantee that Boyfriend From Hell will do as well as Saw, but in a marketplace starved for youthful, upbeat romantic fare, it definitely has the potential.

Now that I've got your attention, please take a moment to watch the Boyfriend From Hell/Earth Angel awesome book trailer before continuing.

A True Story

Alloy Entertainment started out as a marketing company before realizing there was literally gold in creating, and then marketing, content for young women.  They recognized that the young adult books they were marketing for major publishers were being read by a lot more than high school girls.  The well kept secret is that romantic YA (young adult) novels are read by a wide audience from 14-40, possibly even wider.

To capitalize on this knowledge, Alloy began publishing their own novels for this voracious reading, and incredibly loyal demographic. By the time Alloy arrived in Hollywood they had several hit novels under their belt.  They realized that TV shows built around their novels came with a leg up because they had a built-in audience--an audience they could begin marketing the series to long before the shows got on the air.  This strategy paid off with their first series and first hit Gossip Girl, and continued with The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars.  These were all TV series built around books.  Late last year the relatively young Alloy Ent. sold to Warner Brothers for over $100 mil.  Read the Wall Street Journal article here: WSJ.  Also, read how Alloy used female bloggers to get out the word about Pretty Little Liars before it ever aired. Spending practically nothing, these bloggers gave Alloy the single biggest premiere in ABC family history.  GO HERE.

I believe we can combine the low budget (horror) film formula with the high octane Alloy (young social networking female) formula to create a very successful film franchise.  The brand, E. Van Lowe already has a strong female following worldwide.  Not just girls, but women as well.  Last May E. tweeted and went to Facebook inviting fans to hang with him at LitFest Pasadena.  As an incentive, he offered an awesome swag bag to the first fan who came up to him and said :"Hi E, did I win the awesome swag bag?"  He was only there an hour before he was surrounded by adoring fans.  A fan from Orange County claimed the prize.

Below is Annabelle Blume (swag bag winner) at home showing off her awesome swag (I Survived A Boyfriend From Hell fitted, tee, I Want You Back! coffee mug and autographed copy of E's first hit novel, Never Slow Dance With A Zombie)

E. Van Lowe has female fans of all ages worldwide.

These fans also follow him on his website, blogFacebook page and Twitter.  For his first big event in 2009, Never Slow Dance With A Zombie Fest,  

E blogged that a Hollywood makeup artist would make zombies out of all fans who arrived early.  We had to turn people away.  Here are a few early arrivals in full Hollywood zombie makeup having some fun with E before the show.

Early in 2012 Boyfriend From Hell reached the top 10 ranking in ebooks for Children and young adults.  That same week its sequel Earth Angel was also on the Best Seller list.  The only other author with more than one book on the Best Seller list at the same time was Suzanne Collins with her The Hunger Games trilogy.  Read my interview about achieving double Best Seller status here: Interview .  I was also interviewed by the prestigious Kirkus Reviews: HERE.
more Zombie Fest 

a recent school visit

The E. Van Lowe novels have thousands of fans worldwide. Boyfriend From Hell has over 700 reviews and ratings on Goodreads--most of them, excellent.  See for yourself what the fans have to say:  GOODREADS.  Every author has a favorite recent review.  Here are a few of mine:  Lettee (US)  The Page Turners (UK)

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Low budget horror meets young adult paranormal romance, marketed by female bloggers online. Please read the book coverage (attached email) have a look at the book (also attached, in pdf form for easy reading) and let's get together and talk about how we can turn this popular book and series into an enduring film franchise, and not break the bank doing it.  I look forward to hearing from you.